About us

About Steadfast Travel

Founded on the belief of unwavering commitment Steadfast Africa provides full service curated travel experiences for individual and group travel.

Creating bespoke itineraries for corporates, special events and the niche travel sector, Steadfast consistently delivers over and above the expected.

Drawing on a wealth of personal experience, connections and insider information, Steadfast works closely with guests to ensure a perfectly tailor-made experience that won’t be found elsewhere.

When you book with us, you get a level of hospitality and access that other travel and concierge companies are simply incapable of offering.

Nick Sadleir, Managing Director

Why book with us

With over twenty years experience in the personal travel sector, Steadfast innately understands the needs and wants of the luxury traveller. Curating bespoke travel experiences that ensure memorable moments and surprising experiences that will stay with travellers long after the journey’s end.

Keeping it personal

Led by the front, Steadfast is innately passionate about people, connections, experiences and place. As a result they are committed to giving each traveller a personal level of hospitality and access that other travel and concierge companies are simply incapable of offering.

Expect the unexpected

Sometimes it’s not about the fanciest hotel or the most expensive bottle of wine (although of course we are fully au fait with both of these), sometimes it’s about watching penguins hatch at dawn, or chasing the sun set on a sailing yacht as the clouds roll over Table Mountain. Steadfast continually strives to provide insider information, top tips and one-offs that will make your travel experience like no other.

Groups: big and small

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or rewarding your top clients, Steadfast can help be there with you every step of the way. Whatever you need or want, we have the answers – nothing is too much trouble for us.

Competitive pricing

We have an intimate knowledge of our locations and products and are extremely well placed to give money and time saving advice and ensure that you safely and efficiently get the most out of every experience. Additionally we have an extraordinary network of service offerings and industry partners.

Steadfast… what an experience you have been. From start to finish, a first-class service that excelled in all levels.

Charlotte Kennedy, USA