Steadfast on the move – announcing our third London fundraiser

As one of South Africa’s leading safari specialists, Steadfast Africa is passionate not only about bringing people to our continent, but also about its upliftment and protection. This has long been part of our DNA – we work with destinations, operators and enterprises that uplift communities and further conservation in various ways, whether by creating […]

Travel with purpose – making a positive impact

As it is in nature, safari tourism exists as an intricate ecosystem – where everything lives and works directly in relation to everything else. People, wildlife, landscapes – and for the good of each, the others must all thrive. In order to ensure that everyone (and everything) that makes up this system benefits and stays […]

Take a peak – the pros of high season safari

While many people make like swallows and chase summer, winter in the southern hemisphere is largely considered the best time for safari (we will unpack the merits of different seasons in the bush in another post). And in fact, it’s ‘peak’ season for the lodges and reserves across South and East Africa – this is […]

Choose your adventure – tropical paradises aplenty

Winter unfailingly has us Googling warmer travel destinations and planning our next vacation. Luckily for those with itchy feet, Steadfast’s strong presence in the Indian Ocean Island region means you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an escape to migrate to during the winter months. (And we mean winter wherever you are […]

Honeymoon wind down – romantic spots for maximum relaxation

Many would argue that there are few things more emotionally and logistically intensive (and sometimes stressful) than planning a wedding. Even with expert back up, there are a lot of moving parts, and endless decisions to make. It’s to be expected then, that once the day arrives and the celebrations come to a close, the […]

Gorilla trekking 101: the need to know essentials

Gorilla trekking 101 – foolproof your trip Some trips allow for an off-the-cuff, spontaneous approach. Others need a little forward planning – from bucket-list experiences that perhaps due to high demand are often booked up well beforehand, to those needing more logistical manoeuvring. An experience where both of these apply is gorilla trekking – a […]

A villa for all seasons – retreats for any time of year

Steadfast’s portfolio of private and exclusive-use properties offers huge scope – they range across different locations and styles, suit a spectrum of types of travellers and offer every permutation of amenities and features. Exclusive-use villas are an appealing alternative to staying in a lodge or hotel if you’re travelling with a group or family, as […]

Spoilt for choice – choose your safari

Every safari region has its own appeal and offers a unique experience. Depending on what your travel goals and interests are, you can tailor your destination and itinerary to perfectly suit what you’re hoping to get out of an adventure to Africa.   Botswana: the crowd pleaser One of Africa’s most popular safari destinations, Botswana […]

Island styles – the pros of different Indian Ocean paradises

While beach holidays hold universal appeal, every island has its own unique personality. And even within the Indian Ocean region exists a wide variety of destinations with different but equally appealing attributes. For every type of traveller and reason for travel, the ideal destination awaits. Steadfast Africa specialises in crafting itineraries tailored to your tastes, […]

East Africa: the quintessential bush and beach destination

Kenya and Tanzania are commonly considered the birthplace of safari and the lodges and camps here have over time mastered the art of harnessing the romance and beauty of the bush by celebrating the spectacular scenery in myriad ways. With some of the most diverse landscapes on the African continent, and home to the Great […]

‘Tis the season

It’s easy while planning a group or family holiday to get swept up in choosing accommodation and crafting your itinerary, but it’s often the small, practical details that, when done properly, make a holiday truly relaxing and seamless. If you’re heading to South Africa during the southern hemisphere summer – which extends all the way […]

Explore the Western Cape

One of the joys of travelling to South Africa is the sheer variety and scope it offers for a first, second or even tenth-time visitor. Within the length and breadth of this beautiful country, you’ll find every type of landscape, cuisine and activity imaginable.  The Western Cape in particularly is easily navigable for day or […]

Learning on Safari

At Steadfast, we are big believers in the value of a safari as a family holiday – not just for the opportunity it offers for quality time together in an inspiring setting – but for the chance it gives young (and older) guests to learn about the environment. To truly appreciate the importance of nature, […]

The safari villa

While many people, understandably, associate safari travel with the traditions and rituals of a bush lodge – a collection of suites gathered around a convivial communal space, with guests sharing the day’s stories over a fire and covening for meals – there are many ways to experience safari, depending on your unique needs as a […]