One of Steadfast Africa’s passions is listening- listening to your travel dreams, hopes, expectations. We want to know the small details, what makes your holiday experiences unforgettable.

We want to curate and create an escape for you that will fill you with nostalgia for years to come. One of those holidays where memories from it overwhelm you out of nowhere months later as you drink your morning coffee- that sunrise, that smell of the sea, that cold sip of a drink as you looked out over the most beautiful view you are yet to see.

Travel is what wakes us up, what we go to sleep smiling softly about.

As the world slows down and we wait for things to turn the right way around… Steadfast Africa wants to share our holiday dreaming with you, to give you a glimpse into the travel experiences that have shaped us. The experiences that have made us passionate about listening to you so that you too can be shaped by your next adventure with Steadfast Africa.

Let’s Dream With Jana…

Where in the world have you felt happiest?

I went on holiday to Mozambique when I was younger and man that place is incredible! We went high up into the more untouched areas of Mozambique and stayed in a little hut with a palm frond roof on the edge of the beach. It was a real tropical, African adventure. We ate fresh fish sold to us by the local fisherman who went out to sea on his little wooden boat as we lay on the beach and watched. One of the locals would climb the palm trees and chop down fresh coconuts for us each day. Picture little villages, palm trees, kids running barefoot through the grass, dirt roads and locals selling fresh crayfish on the beach. The slow life, far away from the worries of the world.

Describe your favourite view?

Sunsets over the crocodile river (bordering The Kruger National Park) with all kinds of game coming to the water to drink. Growing up, we holidayed at a very simple but wonderful place called Ngwenya Lodge and sometimes a hippo would sleep under our balcony or take a swim in the Lodge’s pond and everyone would have to stay indoors for an hour until it waddled back to the river.

Describe a childhood holiday memory?

My family and I went to Drakensburg Mountain range for a holiday when I was a child. We went on a hike and it was one of the most incredible days of my childhood, we discovered a cave with early paintings in it, saw a snake and then eventually reached the top of the mountain and saw a massive troop of baboons running through the grass. We stood looking over the vast Drakensberg mountain range and for a young mind that really was an exciting adventure. It felt so other-worldly and made such an impression on me, I still remember it clearly.

Our World May Seem Strange and Unknown Right Now, But The Travel And The Adventure Will Return, Don’t Stop Dreaming Of What Is To Come…