In response to the corona virus, many places of leisure and cultural institutions are opening their doors virtually to provide resources, online activities and tours to give people a fun way to stay entertained and connected to the outside world while they’re spending more time at home.

If we can’t help you travel far and wide at this time, Steadfast Africa wants to make sure we help keep your adventuring minds entertained from home!

We have collected a few of our favorite virtual tours for you to browse through, and who knows? They may land up on your bucket list.

Culture, Culture, Culture.

Step inside must-see museums around the world, access all areas and explore iconic monuments from every angle.

Under The Sea.

Take virtual dive tours all over the world and allow the magic of the ocean to come to you…

Graffiti Tours.

Explore the streets behind the art, from New York City to Buenos Aires.

The Great Outdoors.

Hike through the world’s most beautiful scenery, it is breathtaking.