With any holiday, bringing your kids along with you requires infinitely more attention to detail and planning. Combine the words “family”, “Africa” and “holiday” and many may balk at the idea… but, with thorough research and years of experience, your travel designer can curate a journey that you will never forget!


1. Which part of Africa do I want to visit?

The continent is wide and the options seemingly endless. See the endless expanse of Namibia by hot air balloon, discover the sprawling grassy plains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the unforgettable crashing of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or the beauty of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Choosing your destination should be equal part passion and equal part consideration when traveling with your children as some destinations will be better suited than others.

2. Are my children the right age for this sort of holiday?

Your children’s age is pivotal to your decision making process. Not only are some lodges not child-friendly, but the lodge you choose will be determined by their needs and limits.

From 0-5 years old there are many factors to consider: length of flights, change in meal times, your children’s safety and the impact they may have on other guests and their experience. A safari trip can require extensive travel to reach your destination and the structure of the day may mean that your children will need to adapt to different meal schedules and early wake-up calls for game drives. Many lodges will insist that a family with small children rents their own private vehicle which comes at an extra cost and you need to be aware that your children will need to be supervised in order to ensure their safety around both the camp and the swimming areas.

From 6 years and up, your options widen considerably with their maturity and ability to engage in experiences. That being said, game viewing often requires patience and selecting a lodge with reputable “children’s safari” programs is recommended. There are some outstanding camp programs to challenge and engage your children and make their time on safari an unforgettable one.

Lastly, teenagers will often require specialized activities that keep them off those phones and present in the moment. Selecting a lodge with activities is a great option- bungee jumping, game fishing, horseback riding, guided walks, sand-boarding and 4WD excursions are all options.


  • The guides will inspire and fascinate them with their extensive knowledge and experience in the outdoors, no matter what age your children are.
  • Your children will connect with nature, allowing them an escape from the fast-paced technological world that is their every-day reality.
  • They will never forget their first major sighting- be it a lion, an elephant or a leopard. These moments are treasured for a lifetime.
  • Your children will meet and engage with other cultures, most often a culture that is completely different to their own. This fosters empathy and a worldliness that will garner a maturity in your children that cannot necessarily be found elsewhere.
  • A passion for conservation may be sparked- being immersed in nature and seeing what needs to be protected will allow your children to understand the challenges that the world faces today.
  • Your family will bond over unforgettable experiences, immersed in nature and escaping all the trappings of a life back home.


A travel designer will question you extensively, gathering all the information about your family that is needed to choose the ideal destination for your safari adventure.

Steadfast Africa specializes in curated safari trips and has worked extensively with families. We have vast experience in selecting the most child-friendly routes and lodges within South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique and will insure that your family makes a destination decision that you won’t regret.