“Obviously there is to be no travel for a while and the travel industry will be shaken hard. It may take years for it to recover, but recover it will and we look forward to happier times once the world is healed from this. Whilst at home we can at least still dream of amazing places to visit…”

Steadfast Africa.

Many of us may be longing for our next African bush experience, whilst for others it is a holiday that has topped their bucket list for years. Dreams of the Big-5, the rush of those elusive sightings, the sunrises and sunsets and the seemingly endless expanse of space that surrounds you.

If we cannot get you to the safari, we will get the safari to you!

One of the incredible trends to emerge out of the self-isolation period is access to virtual game drives. So from the comfort of your own home, lose yourself in the beauty and wonder of Africa’s wildlife through 24 hour streaming, interactive game drives, knowledgeable guides and highlight reels of the days best sightings.

It may not be the real thing, but it sure is the next best thing…


WildEarth’s safariLIVE is an award winning, expert hosted LIVE safari, broadcast directly from the African wilderness into your home. Available on both the internet and television, this show enables you to interact with an expert game ranger in real time. Safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cams are all searching for their favourite characters.

“Completely unscripted and unpredictable – this show is reality TV as it is supposed to be. Authentic and REAL.”

Wild Earth.



Africam.com is your live window into the African wild. The high definition live streams transport you to waterholes strategically located around Africa where you can watch the “Big Five” animals: lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos and leopards as well as many other wild animals. The cameras are hidden allowing you to observe them in their natural habitat both day and night.

“Always Live, Always Wild.”