Experts are urging people to practice social distancing, or stay at home and avoid public spaces and crowds to help curb the spread of the corona virus. The pandemic is constantly evolving and as a travel agency, we believe it our responsibility to promote sensibility and caution among travelers.  As we all do the right thing and batten down the hatches in self-isolation, Steadfast Africa would like to invite you to join us in a day dream…

“Of all the places you’ll go, the sights you will see, the adventures that are going to set your imagination free.”

Steadfast Africa

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Let Time Stand Still…

On the banks of the Govuro River in Mozambique, lies the breathtaking Rio Azul Lodge. A long evening awaits as you walk towards the wooden deck, the warm air wrapping around you. The powdery beach is lapped by the water that is blushed pink by the sunset. A frosted glass in your hand, as a yacht drifts across the horizon.


Where The Sun is Always Golden.

The sun rises slowly at the Rhino Sands Safari Camp, your room warming and brightening. The morning called for a late sleep in- the time to indulge in a deep bath, encircled by trees and dappled light. As you relax into the water you envisage your day ahead in the Manyoni Private Game Reserve- lingering breakfast, hours by the pool, a game drive into sunset.


Big City Lights.

Cape Town’s dichotomy of natural and built beauty is seen from every angle of your room in the boutique, luxury Silo Hotel. The multi-faceted glass windows glisten like diamonds during the day while at night the building transforms into a glowing beacon in the Table Bay harbour. A pure indulgence of art, architecture and design surrounds you, the breathtaking views tempting you to simply see Cape Town from the beauty of your own room.


See the silver linings in moments, plan a time away.

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