The emerging Millennial and Generation X workforce is characterized by their willingness to job-hop and their enthusiasm for accumulating experiences over assets. Companies that want to retain their employees need to implement strategies that make them a competitive and attractive workplace. One such method? Travel.

“Steadfast Africa specializes in offering unique luxury incentive travel for groups. We plan luxury packages to really show off all that Southern Africa has to offer. We curate tours and experiences that will impress your employees and reward them beyond measure for their hard work and dedication”

Cape Town has exceptional qualities as a tourist destination but is also well known as a venue to host conferences and events. Beautiful beaches and quality restaurants are on your doorstep and the nightlife beckons after a long day allowing for a perfect combination of work and play. Not only can Steadfast Africa coordinate any venues you may need, but we will also curate a trip of a lifetime outside of this- including safaris, wine tours, boat tours and accommodation in luxury villas.

Escape The Mundane.

There is no doubt that the workplace can get stagnant, repetitive and uninspiring. In fact, research shows that boredom at the office can actually lead to exhaustion, low motivation, and lack of focus. Sandi Mann, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, in England, feels that, as a society, we’re becoming less inclined to tolerate boredom. She says:  “People have more of an expectation to be fulfilled by everything they do. Compare our grandparents’ generation: there wasn’t any desire to have self-actualization and to reach their potential. They didn’t go down the coal mines in order to be fulfilled. That attitude has changed. Now, we get people quite commonly quitting higher paid jobs for jobs that are lower paid but more satisfying.”

Don’t let your employees be driven from boredom to stress to looking elsewhere for job satisfaction- think out of the box instead! Shake things up and look to introduce incentive travel. Having a reward to work towards is transformative and motivating and Steadfast Africa has just the reward that your employees are looking for… 

Recognize Achievement.

Incentives are important tools for driving employee engagement and performance. Often, incentives offer a way to invest in both your employees and your company. At the most basic level, a satisfied employee is more likely to produce better results and offering incentives with long-term benefits can create even better outcomes for both the employee and the company.

Having a trip planned is a great feeling- the thought of getting out of the office, soaking up some culture and sunshine and experiencing a new environment is enough to get anyone more motivated. It is something to look forward to, and a sure way to feel energized and refreshed when you return home. However, the real benefit comes from harnessing that travel spirit in the workplace- increasing productivity and inspiration.

Make Those Connections.

Getting together with your employees outside of a traditional work context can be revolutionary when it comes to group dynamics and cohesiveness. A recent survey by Sodexo (UK’s leading experts in employee and consumer engagement) found that 84% of participants prefer to receive vouchers which provide experiences, instead of traditional, sometimes impersonal incentives. Looking to the future of the workplace, three quarters of millennial employees want experiences more than tangible goods and 17% of millennials want the opportunity to share rewards with fellow colleagues.

Using incentive travel as an end-of-season reward for a team could be a good chance to turn it into more of a staff retreat, where people who have spent the year working together can take some time to get to know each other better, building bonds for an even better performance next year.