Choose your adventure – tropical paradises aplenty


Choose your adventure – tropical paradises aplenty

Winter unfailingly has us Googling warmer travel destinations and planning our next vacation. Luckily for those with itchy feet, Steadfast’s strong presence in the Indian Ocean Island region means you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an escape to migrate to during the winter months.

(And we mean winter wherever you are in the world – the subtropical climate of Indian Ocean is pleasant year round, making it an all-year destination.)

Whether it’s laidback Mozambique, family-friendly Mauritius, or unspoilt Seychelle (not to mention low-key Zanzibar, iconic Kenya and the picture-perfect Maldives), the Indian Ocean Islands offer amazing diversity – different cultures, cuisines and activities. What is consistent throughout the region is temperate tropical weather and a leisurely atmosphere perfect for downtime.


A destination for everyone

From national parks, to unspoilt islands and sleepy seaside villages, Mozambique is a smorgasbord of coastal attractions and activities. Snorkelling with dolphins, scuba diving, horseriding – it’s an ideal spot for families with active kids, or adventure-seeking couples. And it’s also an easy hop from Johannesburg.

Seychelles’ 115 islands – that’s not an exaggeration – means you can channel your inner Robinson Crusoe, and island hop all day, starting at the inner more ‘tourist’ friendly and venturing outwards towards the lesser visited. Sailing, hiking and exploring waterfalls come standard – so it’s a nature-lover’s heaven. And for those who want to take it easy, there’s no shortage of white sand and swaying palms…

Mauritius, known for sunset cruises and endless watersports, dreamy beaches, cultural attractions and colourful markets, is a perennial favourite for families for good reason. Accessible and easy to travel to, due to its longstanding status as a tourist hub, it’s also a no brainer for a seamless stay.


Footloose & fancy free

While many travellers enjoy the convenience of resort living, for families, groups of friends and foodies, a private villa is often a more desirable and convenient option – not to mention more conducive to spending quality time together.

This allows your party to tailor your stay so that it achieves maximum relaxation – whatever that means to you. That may be being able to cook and prepare your own food and enjoy celebratory and daily meals together, enjoy in-villa spa treatments, or simply spend the day by the pool uninterrupted.

That’s not to say you can’t still enjoy a significant level of luxury – Steadfast’s portfolio of properties across the region offer a host of customisable features. From private chefs and villa servicing to yoga instructors or on-site sommeliers, our properties come with no shortage of bells and whistles for a tropical holiday.

Our villa team is well versed in the particular strengths and perks of each of our beautiful properties and can help you select the perfect one for you. Get in touch and beat the winter blues…

April 10, 2024

Steadfast Africa