1. resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.
“steadfast loyalty”


loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable,
reliable, steady, true, constant, staunch, trusty

Steadfast Africa


About Steadfast Africa

Steadfast is a luxury curated travel experience provider that creates bespoke travel for individuals and groups giving the best Africa has to offer.

Why book with us?

With highly specialized experience in the personal travel sector, Steadfast innately understands the needs and wants of the luxury traveler. Curating bespoke travel that ensures memorable moments and surprising experiences that will stay with travelers long after the journey’s end.

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Expect the unexpected

Groups: big and small

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Incentive travel

Steadfast Africa specialises in offering unique luxury incentive travel for groups.


Southern Africa is a dream destination for honeymooners because you have so many options

Destination wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding in South Africa, let us simplify your to-do list by doing it ALL for you.

Steadfast ponderings

Dreaming With Nic…

Dreaming With Nic…

The sun is shining in Cape Town this week and we are dreaming of hot beach days and icy cold drinks... "I was once hitch hiking to Victoria Falls and a local who took me the last bit of the way was very cool indeed. As I got out of his car, he said to me, "Life is...

Dreaming With Olivia…

Dreaming With Olivia…

Almost 5 weeks into lock down, our travel dreams at Steadfast Africa are becoming more and more vivid as we miss the freedom to see and explore the world around us. We also miss those chance encounters, the new people we meet, the cultures we get to immerse ourselves...

Dreaming With Ciara…

Dreaming With Ciara…

As we approach the second phase of lock-down, our holiday dreaming is so real we can almost feel it. "Steadfast Africa specializes in curating the perfect holiday escape for you. One of our favorites is a blend of city, coast and safari... We cannot imagine anything...