Founders’ story

For love and travel

When well-travelled, ultra-connected, cricket correspondent Nick met benevolent, business-savvy Liv, romance blossomed and an African road trip quickly progressed to a proposal, marriage and the founding of Steadfast Africa.

In late 2018 or early 2019 – depending on who you ask – Nick and Liv both found themselves at crossroads in their careers. 

After building a successful marketing business and then completing her MBA, Liv knew that she wanted to start a business but wasn’t quite sure what to focus on. Nick, who was a travel and cricket writer, had been travelling non-stop for more than a decade and was looking to (or encouraged to – again, depending on who you ask) give up the nomadic lifestyle.

Once stationary in Cape Town, Nick was able to work on his beach house, Whale Song, and got it going on Airbnb. The penguin-haven (40 of the flightless birds call the front yard home) would be the first property in Steadfast’s now extensive portfolio of luxury villas. 

At the same time, he found he was spending hours every day giving friends advice on safari, wine, beaches and other experiences around Cape Town, South Africa and the rest of Africa.

The idea for Steadfast Africa really blossomed while the couple were on a roadtrip through California after Nick’s final cricket assignment. With Nick’s international network and Liv’s entrepreneurial acumen, as well as a mutual love for travel, they decided that a bespoke tour business was the way to go and set up their offices on Cape Town’s vibey Kloof Street.

The pair initially wanted to focus on helping their friends, family and acquaintances make the most of their trips to Cape Town. But their love of travel and welcoming guests to Africa’s most beautiful city meant that their informal concierge club soon became a thriving travel business covering more than half the continent.

Reliable. Dependable. Committed.

On a trip to Victoria Falls, a cab driver told Nick that the world is a big book and if you stay in one place then you are only reading one page. That idea has stuck with him and he firmly believes that variety is truly the spice of life. Something that Liv is in complete agreement with.

Passionate about seeing beautiful places, meeting people, learning about different cultures and tasting their cuisines, their ultimate getaway involves being out in the bush, huddled around a campfire under starry skies. This, they say, is an unmatched experience that evokes a unique feeling of serenity.

Their appreciation for deep connections is what ultimately became the impetus for Steadfast Africa. Rather than offering pre-built travel packages, their goal has always been to create unique travel experiences that are suited to each individual client.

Both Nick and Liv champion the idea of treating guests like friends. Their idea has always been to build personal connections with every Steadfast traveller, curating unforgettable trips, giving them the warmest possible welcome at their destination and supporting them every step of the way through their journey.

With their travel ethos in mind, there seemed no better choice for a business name than Steadfast Africa. Reliability, dependability and trustworthiness all shine through and reflect their unwavering commitment to offering their guests only the best service and experiences.