East Africa: the quintessential bush and beach destination


East Africa: the quintessential bush and beach destination

Kenya and Tanzania are commonly considered the birthplace of safari and the lodges and camps here have over time mastered the art of harnessing the romance and beauty of the bush by celebrating the spectacular scenery in myriad ways.

With some of the most diverse landscapes on the African continent, and home to the Great Migration, these counties are two of the most popular safari destinations for very good reason and offer huge variety for safari-goers.


The greatest spectacle on earth

Regarded by many as one of nature’s most impressive and awe-inspiring phenomena, the Great Migration sees millions of plains game (primarily wildebeest) move across the plains of Tanzania and Kenya in search of better grazing. Moving in vast herds – across rivers and savannah – they also attract predators and the resulting scenes are some of safari’s most dramatic.

Arguably one of the biggest draws too for travellers, this period is typically busy and often booked well ahead, so if this is a must on your East Africa wishlist, consulting an expert in advance will stand you in good to guarantee your chosen accommodation and activities. Steadfast are well versed in the nuances and requirements for this region and can make the process seamless, from booking to boarding your plane.


Abundance beyond the migration

Kenya and Tanzania are not just attractive destinations during the peak migration season however. A constant on the safari calendar for its abundance of game, birdlife and incredibly dramatic landscapes, it makes a solid year-round destination for safari lovers looking for iconic scenery and sightings.

Aside from the landscapes themselves, which is spectacular in its own right – endless plains and skies, silhouetted acacia trees, staggering sunsets and soaring mountains – is the exceptional wildlife. Tree-climbing lions, endangered wild dogs and large herds of elephant are just some of the once-in-a-lifetime sightings you can expect. When you’re not wildlife viewing, there are hot air balloon rides over the bush, picnics on the plains and sundowners to look forward to.


Bush, then Beach

After the action and adrenaline of safari, there is no better way to wind down than a few days by the beach. The laid-back barefoot luxury that awaits on and off the coast of Tanzania and Kenya –  the tropical coastline and islands such as Zanzibar, Mnemba and Lamu – is the ideal way to round off a safari stay. With scuba diving, snorkelling and dhow cruises, fresh produce markets and cultural landmarks, this is a perfect counterpoint to the heat and pace of long exciting days spent on the plains.

Logistically easy to reach from your safari destinations, the bush/beach combination is one of East Africa’s best assets and allows visitors to experience the incredible diversity of this region.

January 29, 2024

Steadfast Africa