Learning on Safari


Learning on Safari

Lessons from nature’s classroom

At Steadfast, we are big believers in the value of a safari as a family holiday – not just for the opportunity it offers for quality time together in an inspiring setting – but for the chance it gives young (and older) guests to learn about the environment.

To truly appreciate the importance of nature, you need to experience it. The impact of seeing first hand and learning about things most children have only heard about in a classroom or on a screen is invaluable. We have handpicked safari destinations across Southern and East Africa that uphold the highest conservation principles, and who offer the best wildlife and guiding experiences thanks to the experienced and passionate people on their teams.


Passing knowledge to the next generation

Experienced guides and trackers working in species-rich environments make for an incredibly rewarding way to see the wild. Years, and sometimes generations’ worth of deep wisdom and knowledge of the bush, beyond the stringent training and official qualifications they have to earn make your guide and tracker the perfect wilderness teachers. Many guides and trackers grew up surrounded by nature – knowledge that can’t be learned in books.

Their training and expertise not only means your chances of spotting and seeing game is greater, but that the experience is that much more rewarding  for the opportunities it offers to learn. For young safari enthusiasts, this can be life-changing in many ways and forms deep and lasting memories and a life-long respect for nature from a young age.


Spotting what you may miss

Trackers and guides are supremely skilled in seeing and noticing the details the average person would miss. Rigorous training and many hours in the field honing their craft gives them an almost instinctive understanding of the bush, and the ability to take you with them on that journey too through the minute and magical details of nature that are sometimes invisible to the naked eye.

It’s not just the Big Five you’ll be able to learn about in their capable hands. The Little 5, Ugly 5 and Shy 5 can also be added to your wishlist. And it doesn’t stop merely at game – the wonders of nature are as limitless as the wilderness itself, so should your children be budding birdwatchers or want to learn about following tracks, or identifying trees, the capable guides can nurture these interests.


See the world through new eyes

When you walk or drive through the bush accompanied by a trained safari guide or tracker, you’re opening up a whole new world of learning. Some of Steadfast’s favourite lodges specifically cater to children and teenagers through educational activities and programmes designed to nurture an appreciation of the natural world in an enjoyable and memorable way. From ‘junior ranger’ programmes to visits to anti-poaching or conservation centres (typically more suitable for older children), the scope for learning and inspiration is endless.

Let Steadfast guide you in choosing the ideal destination for your family – by booking through us, and allowing us to help curate your perfect family holiday, we can weave your passions and interests into the perfect itinerary that will fill your soul as well as expand your knowledge.

November 27, 2023

Steadfast Africa