Spoilt for choice – choose your safari


Spoilt for choice – choose your safari

Every safari region has its own appeal and offers a unique experience. Depending on what your travel goals and interests are, you can tailor your destination and itinerary to perfectly suit what you’re hoping to get out of an adventure to Africa.


Botswana: the crowd pleaser

One of Africa’s most popular safari destinations, Botswana is a logical choice for first-timers looking for variety, drama and action. The vast protected parks and private concessions mean there is a lot of land under conservation – and as a result, many lodges and camps. The abundance of water too (seasonally dictated) also offers a combination of water and land-based activities, a great way to get different perspectives on wildlife. Floating through the waterways on a mokoro is especially good for photographers – the unobtrusive traditional boats make for a non-invasive way to watch animals. Different times of the year will have different pros and cons (and price points), and here Steadfast is well positioned to advise on the best time of year to travel for your purposes.


Tanzania: iconic landscapes

With prolific game in large numbers, endless horizons and iconic scenes of acacias silhouetted against reality defying sunsets, Tanzania is beloved by safari enthusiasts for its adventurous spirit and sense of romance. The quintessential ‘traditional’ safari destination (think limitless space, hot air ballooning over great herds of plains game and excellent sightings) it also offers variety in terms of types of accommodation (luxe tents that immerse you in the action and lodges with all the bells and whistles). The home of the Great Migration, it’s an action-seeker’s ideal safari destination and the perfect place to witness the awe-inspiring movement of game across the landscape, and the circle of life in full technicolour.


South Africa: something for everyone

A perennial favourite for all types of safari travellers (from honeymooners to families and adventure seekers) South Africa offers huge variety, and importantly accessibility. With safari regions within the country all easily reached from major hubs – either by plane or car – there is a lot of choice when it comes to terrain and style of stay. And that’s before we even get to the wildlife, which is world-renowned. With many lodges (dependent on location) known for almost guaranteed Big Five spotting, it’s a safe bet that those looking for great game will not leave disappointed. The bonus – it’s easy to tag on a few days in the jewel in SA’s tourist crown – Cape Town.


Namibia: awe-inspiring scenery and space

As one of the least densely populated places on the planet, Namibia is the ideal safari destination if you’re looking for space and spectacular scenery. Remarkable landscapes – from the sparseness of the Skeleton Coast to the vast tracts of bushveld and the rich red dunes of Sossusvlei – and unique desert adapted species make this destination ideal for a repeat safari traveller in search of new horizons and unparalleled peace. Self drive is also feasible and easy here – distances notwithstanding – so reaching lodges and reserves doesn’t require charter planes like some safari countries).


Zambia: authentic and easygoing

Lower-key in some ways than some safari hotspots and with arguably less tourist traffic, Zambia is known for its superb guides, whose expertise will enrich your game viewing experience exponentially. It’s also the birthplace of the walking safari, a truly memorable and exciting way to witness the wilderness. Lodges here are typically intimate and depending on where you’re staying, many offer superb fishing. But not at the expense of standard safari activities – game drives will deliver all the big game you want to see, and truly spectacular and unspoilt scenery.


Steadfast’s deep knowledge of every regions unique offering and attributes means we are equipped to help you select the best destination for your dream safari. Contact our expert team here. 

February 20, 2024

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