Take a peak – the pros of high season safari


Take a peak – the pros of high season safari

While many people make like swallows and chase summer, winter in the southern hemisphere is largely considered the best time for safari (we will unpack the merits of different seasons in the bush in another post). And in fact, it’s ‘peak’ season for the lodges and reserves across South and East Africa – this is why…


Take your time…

During the dry season, which generally runs from April to October (give or take depending on the destination) countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana,  Zimbabwe and Zambia still boast warm sunny weather, and even in South Africa, the days are usually clear and sunny, with cooler crisper nights. This pleasant weather – which is technically winter, but not as northern hemisphere visitors typically know it – makes for excellent conditions to spend outdoors for extended periods.

Longer periods on the game vehicle on drives increase your chances of good sightings – that’s just simple maths. This is especially helpful if you’re a keen birder – a sport that requires patience and endurance – or photographer, which is all about capturing the perfect moment. And the milder weather also offers the opportunity to enjoy excursions like bush meals, or walking safari – which extremely hot weather can sometimes prohibit.


Dry, with a high chance of game

The primary reason the dry period is ‘peak’ safari season though, is down to the wildlife. With winter comes less rain, and therefore sparser vegetation, which means greater visibility and clearer sightings of game. The dry season also means that water sources dwindle, driving wildlife and birds to fewer water holes in greater numbers. This in turn makes for better, more plentiful and eventful sightings.

Conversely, and illogical as it may sound, the dry season is also when the Okavango Delta floods – when the rainfall finally arrives from Angola and fills the delta’s waterways, bringing with it animals from other regions. (And while every year is different depending on rainfall in the catchment areas, the region does follow a relatively reliable climatic pattern).


Bush & beach – a timeless pairing (whatever the season)

Even if you choose to enjoy a safari during this optimal period, that’s not to say you can’t have a slice of a summer vacation too. That’s the beauty of travel to Southern and East Africa – it offers all-year appeal and every type of holiday under the sun.

The proximity of the region’s best safari destinations also happen to be a hop and a skip from some of the most idyllic ocean paradises on the planet. And due to their optimal climate and subtropical locations, they enjoy near-permanent summer. Think swaying palms in Mauritius (an easy four-hour flight from South Africa), or the ocean archipelago of Zanzibar within arms’ reach from the Serengeti. Whether Zanzibar. Seychelles or Mozambique appeal most, this is your opportunity to rent a villa (we have a tempting portfolio to choose from) and dose up on Vitamin D.


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May 7, 2024

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