Travel with purpose – making a positive impact


Travel with purpose – making a positive impact

As it is in nature, safari tourism exists as an intricate ecosystem – where everything lives and works directly in relation to everything else. People, wildlife, landscapes – and for the good of each, the others must all thrive.

In order to ensure that everyone (and everything) that makes up this system benefits and stays in balance, businesses in the safari sphere must work hand in hand with communities and conservation organisations in their regions to preserve and conserve in the form of ‘ecotourism’.

Ultimately what this looks like in the long run is a symbiotic future where both nature and people prosper alongside one another. The goal therefore is to conserve the wilderness while protecting wildlife and uplifting the people who call it home (essential for the longterm protection of the environment).


Africa leading the way

Across Africa, and the world, the role that ecotourism plays in the bigger picture is going to become increasingly important and the role of travel operators to run sustainably, and collaboratively will ensure the ultimate conservation of landscapes, cultures and species of all kinds.

While ecotourism initiatives exist globally, the safari industry widespread across the African continent has always centred on encounters with and in nature, and as a result, travellers are faced more immediately with our impact on the wilderness. Activities that immerse guests in the action also reinforce the beauty of the wild, and the value of protecting it.

Even more impactful for guests is being able to see behind the scenes – into programmes and operations that drive the importance of conservation home further still. By riding along on a rhino dehorning, witnessing a team track and monitor pangolin, visiting a community school or seeing the majesty of a mountain gorilla on a trek into its natural habitat (activities you can do at certain lodges across Southern and East Africa), you can appreciate firsthand the hard work and resources that go into preserving Africa’s kaleidoscope of species.


Science led, donor backed

In order to preserve wildlife species, we must first understand them. In every reserve, national park and private concession across Africa, there are individuals and organisations studying the unique species found there. Better understanding of their behaviour means more efficient allocation of resources and better systems to protect them.

From the well-known figureheads of conservation – like rhino, leopard and mountain gorillas –to more elusive creatures like pangolin, turtles and vultures, or the trees and plants that feed and shelter them, their study requires funding. As a result, lodges and resorts have engaged guests in these activities to both finance these important programmes, as well as give travellers a once-in-a-lifetime experience in nature.


Once in a lifetime experiences that make a difference

Steadfast is passionate about supporting those whose work is furthering conservation, while offering authentic experiences – leaving a lasting impact, as well as forming an unforgettable memory is what makes for meaningful travel.

Let us design a trip for you that not only gives you an unparalleled experience of the beauty and diversity of Africa, but also gives back to the people and places that make that possible. Our team is waiting to curate the trip of a lifetime.

June 14, 2024

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